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Nyanners Dreamheart is a videogame dedicated to a Twitch streamer. In this game, she is the protagonist.

The story of this game takes place in the 23rd century. Crushie - The bone crusher, a human from the 21th century went through a resurection process, but it failed. There was only one way to save his life: to transfer his soul into the body of a cat. This happened to thousands of people.
After finding out that Nyanners, a friend from the 21st century, was located in a resurrection center that was about to be destroyed,  Crushie rushed to save her. However, the whole facility was guarded by fierce mechanical creatures.
One of their leaders, "The Shilkworm", fell in love with Taylor's soul.

After many adventures together, someone evil broke Nyanners's mind into multiple shards. Crushie brought her to the Tower of dreams, in order to save her once again. Now, in order to survive, Taylor has to heal her mind through dreams of her past life.

The game is structured in several areas:

Overworld - this is where all "fictional sci-fi real-life events" take place

Metadream - this is the most stable area in Taylor's mind. It grants her a comforting safety that she couldn't find in other dreams. The Metadream takes the form of places where Taylor lived a longer time in her former life, such as her appartment, her room where she started recording videos and streams, etc. The Metadream is also constantly evolving, depending on the dreams Taylor went through. As she dreams more, she remembers more about her

Dream Firewall - The role of the Dream Firewall is to prepare Nyanners for entering a dream. Currently, there is a basic version of Dream Firewall in the game. I will update it in the next versions.

Dreams - Dreams can be accessed by searching for posts on the Nyanners's real-life Twitter page. The game has a built-in web browser that lets players click on Taylor's tweets. Clicking certain tweets could open portals to dreams/dream firewalls. Generally, playable dreams will have a direct relationship with the tweet's content. So, in other words, this game turns Nyanners's tweets into playable gameplay experiences.


W,A,S,D - move

E - interact or pick up object

Hold E after pick up and release = Throw object

Q- Toggle First/Third Person camera

Scroll Wheel - zoom in/out

Space - jump

Shift - sprint/dodge attacks (works when controlling Crushie)

1,2,3,4 - change graphics settigs, from very low to very high

6,7,8,9 - load story levels and other test levels

LMB - Launch Tailie

T - slow time


Developer - NyannersFanM

Voice Acting - Nyanners  (all her voice samples are taken from her videos or from Nyan Nyanners, her UTAU voice bank)

Other assets credits are in the credits.txt file

Install instructions

Just download and play. It might ask you for the C++ redistributable files bundled with Unreal Engine 4. The game should prompt you if you don't have them already installed.


NyannersDreamheart 0.0.2.zip 493 MB

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